Introducing Geoida - Geodetic surveying,
adjustment and transformation software

Practical, accurate, every-day software for the surveying and related professions.

Developed initially for Australian requirements, Geoida has world-wide application to reduce field observations and compute points as geographic or projection coordinates, using rigorous geodetic formulae and user-definable ellipsoids, geodetic datums and projections; for simple jobs it can also compute in the flat plane if required.

  • Adjust traditional Bowditch/Compass traverses or complex networks by least-squares
  • Combine GNSS and terrestrial observations
  • Convert and transform coordinate data between different datums and systems
  • and more ... Geoida - a quick look                       Download Geoida now
Industry-strength computing in an intuitive, easy-to-use application that doesn’t cost the Earth
No other surveying software intelligently sorts, means, reduces and compiles observation data like Geoida

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