Adjustment Options

Topics in
this section:

  • Traverse Adjustment - Bowditch method
  • Vertical Adjustment
  • Network Adjustment - Least Squares
  • Provisional coordinates
    Levelling networks
    Standard deviations
    Network Rank and Datum Defects
    Assessing results of adjustment
    Minimally-constrained network
    Convergence of Adjustment
    Accepting or rejecting results of adjustment

  • Least Squares - Statistical Options and Analysis
  • Statistical Options
    Provisional point tolerance
    Relax SD on Entry Errors
    Centerings and A-Priori Standard Deviations
    Convergence criteria
    Outlier tests and data snooping
    Confidence Region Scalars
    Global chi-squared unit variance test
    Scaling of Error Ellipses
    Redundancy Numbers and Marginally Detectable Errors (MDE)
    SP1 class testing

  • 3D Adjustments
  • 3D Adjustments - Introduction
    Network Pre-Analysis
    Three situations for 3D adjustments
    Localisation of point coordinates or GPS vector observations

  • Localisation
  • Localisation (Site Calibration)
    To localise or not?
    Availability of the Localisation Function
    Derivation of Transformation Parameters for Localisation

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