Current Data Plot

A screen plot is made of all points and lines contained in the currently processed data, thus providing a quick visual confirmation of the correctness or otherwise of the computed survey.

A file containing point numbers of the points and lines plotted is created named jobname.Pnn (where nn is the number of the data set in the Traverse or Process Extracted Observations options) or jobname.PLT (for the remaining options). If a file with the same name or extension already exists it is over-written by the new file.

Depending on the method of reduction, the points and observation lines are displayed in various distinguishing ways.

The Plot window is displayed when a data set has been successfully processed by various Survey menu options.

Figure 1: Temporary plot of processed data

More Info:

When Geoida is running, details of the purpose and use of each control in this window will be displayed in the bottom panel when the mouse is passed over any active object.

Plot files created during data processing options can be viewed later by the Plot Survey option.

When exiting a data processing option to return to the menu, the screen display will be updated with the new points and lines if new data has been computed.

Note - the point and line details for the main screen display are stored in the job database, and the individual plot files may be discarded if not required without affecting the main display; these files will always be re-created whenever data is re-processed.

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