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The Definitions menu provides options to maintain the Geoida program preferences, data default settings, and the library of Spheroid, Projection, Datum and Transformation definitions. The library database Definitions.GLD is located in the Geoida program folder.

Refer to Preferences for details of program preferences and to the Job Configuration Defaults option for data default settings.

On selecting any of the Spheroid, Projection, Geodetic Datum, Height Datum or Transformations options, the corresponding records are displayed one record at a time in 'view' mode - the fields have a grey background in this mode. Use the data control bar at the foot of the window to step through the records - the current record and total record count is displayed.

If it is necessary to edit an existing record or add a new record, click Edit or New accordingly - the fields change to a cream-coloured background and the Save and Cancel buttons become enabled, indicating that edit mode is now active. All fields must be filled, blank fields are not permitted, and the item's ID must be unique for the current option. There is no limit to the number of records permitted.

If all records are deleted or a new library is to be created, a new database table with no records will be created and will display an ID of (New) and a Description of (Edit details). To enter the new details, click New, remove these default values, and enter the required details for the new record.

Spheroid, Projection and Datum definitions are inter-related via Projection. When setting the configuration for a job, the choice of the Projection also defines the Geodetic Datum associated with it, and the Geodetic Datum in turn defines the associated Spheroid.

If additions or changes are made to the Definitions library, the database file Definitions.gld will be compacted upon exit from the option in use, renaming the database to Definitions.gld.bak and copying its contents to a new file. There must be enough disk space for both copies. Definitions.gld.bak may be deleted if desired.

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