Errors and Other Messages

Most error conditions are handled by the software, and an appropriate message is printed advising the cause of the problem and in some cases the necessary corrective steps. Some errors may cause an error-number and brief message to be displayed - this type of error is usually due to more serious causes, but may be due to either an unanticipated operator error, unanticipated data format, or an internal software fault.

When an error occurs for which the solution is not immediately apparent, read the appropriate Help sections to check program requirements and operating conditions for the particular computation mode being used - it may be helpful on some occasions to exit and re-start Geoida, or to re-start the computer.

The occurrence of many severe errors which prevent even basic menu options or form controls from functioning normally may indicate that the software is attempting to use out-of-date or incompatible Windows system files. This may be because, subsequent to the installation of Geoida, other software has been installed which, without regard to version stamping, has replaced the DLL (Dynamic Link-Library) files which Geoida requires, with older versions of the same files. The consequence of this is that software such as Geoida can no longer find or use the necessary system functions to perform normally. The solution is to first re-install Geoida - if this is not successful, it may be necessary to reinstall Windows.

If a problem persists and these steps fail to determine or eliminate the cause, contact the supplier for assistance. Always give full details of errors and the conditions under which they occur, and if possible, email the zipped data files for the job. Please advise when a serious error occurs so that it may be corrected in future upgrades.

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