Geoida Files

This collection of files, their names and purposes may change between versions and from time to time.

System Files

The following files are stored in the main program folder (normally C:\Program Files\Geoida 5 ):

Definitions.gld - Definitions library database
Def-UD.gld - Definitions library database for version updates
FAQ.chm - Frequently-Asked Questions help file
Geoida.css - Style sheet for HTML display
Geoida.dep - Geoida dependency file
Geoida-5.exe - Geoida application
Geoida.chm - Main help file
Geoida.js - Java script file
Geoida_1.edf - Distribution file
Geoida_2.edf - Distribution file
geoida_logo.gif - Geoida logo
g_gdbOps.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_gencvf.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_genproc.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_genutil.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_gmuceh.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_impexp.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_libops.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_lsop.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_spher.dll - Geoida ActiveX extension library
g_uctls.ocx - Geoida ActiveX control
history_g.html - Geoida development history (HTML format)
History.txt - Geoida development history (text format)
InstHelp.gld - Instant Help library
PK5-Primary.bin - Public key file
ReadMe.txt - Installation ReadMe file
unins000.dat - Uninstall information
unins000.exe - Uninstall program
*.OCX - Third party proprietary insertable object files
*.DLL - Operating system and third party proprietary function libraries

Library Files

The following files are stored in the public Application Data repository, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Convergent Computations\Geoida (Windows 2000/XP) or C:\ProgramData\Convergent Computations\Geoida (Windows Vista/7):

Definitions.gld - Definitions library database
Geoida.ini - Geoida configuration
girfsup2.dll - ActiveX extension library
username.ini - Current user's configuration and definitions

Data Files

The following files are stored in the current data folder (normally My Documents\Geoida\Data ) - the location of data files (or jobs) is user-definable and may be changed or selected as required:

jobname.gdb - Job database - Backup of compressed or repaired job database (Repair Job option)
jobname.gdb.bak1 - Current backup of job database
jobname.gdb.bak2 - Previous backup of job database

The following data files are plain text format:

jobname.&nn - Extracted control observations (Extract file); nn = Traverse or data ref. number
jobname.csv - Extracted control observations (CSV Extract file)
jobname.CSV - CSV raw observations export
jobname.PLT - Screen-plot - Options other than Traverse or LS Network Adjustment*
jobname.Pnn - Screen-plot - Traverse or LS Network Adjustment, set #nn *

It is essential that files relating to each job be backed up onto a suitable device if you wish to retain data for future reference or recovery following a system failure or corruption. Files deleted manually from the Geoida data area will normally be retained in the Windows 'Recycle Bin' until it is emptied. Geoida makes a backup to the current data folder when opening an existing job database and also if the Repair Job option is used. Refer also to Backups about the necessity of ensuring that a reliable backup procedure is in place.

List Files

The following files (all ASCII text) are stored in the current list-files folder (normally My Documents\Geoida 5\List ) - the relationship of the List path to other Geoida folders is set in Preferences:

Definitions.rep - Report created by List Definitions
jobname.INV - Inverse report
jobname.LOG - Computation log
jobname.ID - Alpha-numeric point ID export
jobname.SUM - Traverse or network processing summary
jobname.INT - List Points / Export - Geoida internal point details transfer file
jobname.ENH - List Points / Export - Export E/N/datum height
jobname.NES - List Points / Export - Export N/E/spheroidal height
jobname.LLG - List Points / Export - Export Lat/Long/geoidal or orthometric height
jobname.XYZ - List Points / Export - Export Cartesian XYZ
jobname.REP - List Points / Export - Report
SEGexport.INI - Header details for most-recent SEG-P1 Seismic export (List Points / Export option)
LibraryUpdate.log - Log file created by Update Library option (Geoida folder)

Sample Job Files

The following sample job database files are located in the Samples sub-folder of the Geoida installation folder (normally C:\Program Files\Geoida 5\Samples ):

3D Combined Network.gdb - 3D Network adjustment - GNSS vectors combined with 1D and 2D terrestrial observations
3D GPS Network.gdb - 3D free network adjustment - GNSS baseline vectors and coordinate observations with localisation
Sample Traverse.gdb - Traverse network - Traverse or LS Network Adjustment options

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