Interpolate Geoid values in Window

This option interpolates the geoid-spheroid separation and vertical deflection values for all currently-displayed unfixed points that fall within a user-definable window. A geoid model in keeping with the Interpolation Method setting in Job Configuration must exist - the option will be disabled if a model of the correct type does not exist.

If the interpolation method is set as Fixed-point TIN, this option will be disabled if Plot Geographic has been selected in the View menu - to use this option in such a case, un-tick the Plot Geographic setting to display points as grid coordinates.

To exclude certain points from the interpolation, they may be turned off by specifying a limited range of point numbers in Zoom Point Range which includes only points for which interpolation is required.

CAUTION - If the interpolation method set in Job Configuration is Bi-cubic lat/long grid or Bilinear lat/long grid, ensure that the geoid grid-file selected corresponds to current published data and matches the geodetic datum defined for the job. Using an inconsistent or out-of-date file may result in erroneous interpolations.

Refer to Geoid-Spheroid Separation for further general information regarding geoid-spheroid separation and interpolation of geoid values.

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