Line Display Options

Lines displayed in Geoida are observation lines, simply lines over which one or more observations have been made - they are not necessarily linear features that have been surveyed with the intention of having the processing software string the points together into linework to define natural or man-made features.

The encoding of surveyed points during the field observation process for the automatic stringing of like-coded points by post-survey processing software has no bearing on Geoida. However, all code information is preserved by Geoida for export.

The purpose of displaying the observation lines within Geoida is to help to make the recognition and identification of the structure of the survey, or portions of it, more obvious during the data processing stage. The lines that may be displayed in various forms are created automatically during data reduction - no new lines can be drawn or defined manually, and none of these lines are exported from Geoida for any other purpose.

The line display options are simply toggles to turn various types of lines on or off. Line types currently turned on are indicated by a check mark next to the particular item in the View menu.

Lines can only exist where the end-points exist. If a point is deleted to which one or more lines have been drawn then all of those lines are deleted also. Lines may be deleted without deleting its end-points - see the Delete Window option for more information.

Note - it does not matter how many times a particular set of data is processed. Any particular line between two points, regardless of the number of different observations that may have been made over that same line, can only occur once in the database - it is never duplicated.

The line types that may be displayed are as follows …

  • Level/Ht.Diffs
    Spirit-levelling or height differences
    • Radiations
    • Multiple pick-up observations made from one instrument station
      • Traverse Lines
      Traverse route between successive set-ups
      • Reference Lines
      Base lines, reference bearings, etc between control points
      • LS Angles/Brgs/Dir'ns
      Angle, bearing/azimuth or direction observations adjusted by least squares
      • LS Horiz. Distances
      Horizontal distance observations adjusted by least squares
      • LS Slope Distances
      Slope distance observations adjusted by least squares
      • LS Vert. Angles
      Vertical angle observations (zenith angles) adjusted by least squares
      • LS GPS Vectors
      GPS baseline vector observations adjusted by least squares
      • Geoid Model
      These are NOT lines that have been observed in field procedures, but represent the triangle sides of a three-dimensional model of the geoid-spheroid separation created by the Form TIN Geoid Model option.

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