The New Job dialog box is displayed when this option is selected.

This option is used to specify the name for a new job database about to be created - a job database of this same name must not previously exist. All additional disk files that are created for this job will begin with the name specified - see Geoida Files for a list of software-generated files that may be created in addition to the main database file. If the new job is to be created in a data path different from that displayed for the current folder, select an alternative folder prior to clicking the Open button.

Note that it is not necessary to specify the filename extension .GDB after the job-name as this will be added automatically; NO alternative extensions are permitted.

When the new job name has been specified, click the Open button to create the new database file - the Job Configuration window will then be displayed where the configuration parameters for the new job may be specified. Refer to Job Configuration for further details.

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