Geoida data is organised by job-name. Each job will consist of a small number of files (see Geoida Files) which may be either (i) located in a single folder for all jobs, or (ii) may be conveniently grouped into a particular data area or folder for all jobs relating to one project or some other categorisation.

The default data folder created during Geoida installation is ..\Geoida\Data; additional data folders may be created as required, either as sub-folders of the main Geoida folder or in any other suitable location and on any drive.

The Select job to open dialog box is displayed when this option is selected. Use this option to select the data area and job you wish to make current - all processing affects only the current job. The full path and job database name will be displayed in the title bar of the main Geoida window, and spheroid, projection and datums for the selected job will be displayed in the status bar.

If there is already a job open to which changes have been made but not yet saved, Geoida will prompt for the changes to be saved or abandoned prior to opening the new job.

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