Plot Geographic

This option will be enabled only if the job's Coordinate System is defined in Job Configuration as 'Grid Projection' and permits grid coordinates to be displayed as geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude). The option is not available for plane coordinates, and is permanently selected but disabled for jobs defined as geographic (i.e., geographic jobs cannot be displayed with grid coordinates).

To display geographic coordinates, click the option to place a tick next to it - the scale bars will be re-calibrated accordingly to show latitude and longitude. To display grid coordinates again, un-tick the option. The original coordinate values are unaffected by swapping the Plot Geographic mode.

Some distortion between the display as geographic coordinates may be observed relative to the original display as grid coordinates. This is because the relationship between the horizontal and vertical screen coordinates is consistent for the purpose of display, whereas actual longitude units decrease in size as latitude increases.

Note: in a job whose Coordinate System is defined as 'Grid Projection' in Job Configuration, plotting points as geographic coordinates may be slower than plotting as grid coordinates because of the extra processing required in converting from grid coordinates to geographic.

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