Plot Survey

This option displays a plot of data that has been previously processed by one of the Survey Menu data processing options. When this option is selected, the user may select the plot file required from a list of all plot files for the current job.

The Plot Survey window is displayed when this option is selected.

Figure 1: Plot Survey option

More Info:

When Geoida is running, details of the purpose and use of each control in this window will be displayed in the bottom panel when the mouse is passed over any active object.

If only one plot file exists for the current job, a list of files is not displayed and the existing plot is immediately displayed. In such a case, the plot should be almost identical to the main screen display when zoomed to the job bounds.

The usefulness of the ability to display the contents of individual plot files will only be of benefit when a job has been constructed from a number of different sets of data. The point and line details for the main screen display are stored in the job database, and the individual plot files may be discarded if not required without affecting the main display; these files will always be re-created whenever data is re-processed.

Refer to Current Data Plot for more details.

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