Processing Log

The Processing Log is a record of computation details produced while data is being processed, consisting of values used during computation such as instrument and observation details read from the input data, intermediate values prior to calculation of coordinates, traverse closure and adjustment details, and final coordinate values.

Details are written to the file jobname.LOG; any existing log-file will be over-written whenever a subsequent computation is performed on data entered through an option from the Survey Menu.

The log is useful for checking that the computations have proceeded as expected, or in providing assistance in locating the source of errors and/or the reason for them. The log should always be examined if problems with a computation are suspected, for example, if error messages are displayed during computation.

The log will be displayed in the File View window after the Current Data Plot (and Traverse/Network Summary, if applicable) has been displayed. Refer to View File for details of this window.

At any later time a previously created log file may be viewed using the View Processing Log option in the Survey menu; however this option is disabled if a log file for the current job does not exist.

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