Program run-time errors

Run-time errors will normally appear in one of the generalised formats as shown below. Sometimes the reason for an error may be apparent from the message displayed, but for more obscure cases a review of the data, parameter settings or technique may be necessary to help locate the source of the problem. Refer to Errors and Other Messages for general suggestions regarding dealing with errors.

Error Message Formats

This table shows a few generalised error message of different formats with their explanations:

General Error Format Explanation
Error nn while loading form in FormName : Form_Load - Error message An error has occurred while the named form (window) was being loaded, probably as a result of existing data that was to be read for information or for display but which had been corrupted by an earlier user action or program or system failure
Error nn trapped by FormName : Form_Load - Error message An error has occurred in a subroutine called by the named form subsequent to the form being loaded successfully, probably as a result of some user action
Error nn in ProcName - Error message This error has been trapped within the named procedure where it occurred
Error nn (Error message) while compacting database An error has occurred while compacting a database file
Error nn (Error message) while repairing database An error has occurred while repairing a database file
Error - file too large to fully display A report file created by Geoida or a file selected by the user is too large to be displayed in the File View window. Use Windows Wordpad or some other viewer/editor to display
Error - Bad filename or file does not exist The filename entered by the user is spelled incorrectly, contains characters that are invalid for filenames, or the file does not exist in the path specified

(Italics indicate details relevant to the error produced)

Common Errors

The following table lists some of the more likely error messages that may be encountered. Persistent or unresolved errors should be reported.

Error Number Error Message Explanation
5 Illegal function call Data is encountered which is outside of the normal range of values expected by Geoida, or a condition has developed where bad data causes a software malfunction
9 Subscript out of range This may occur if the data does not comply with the required format that Geoida expects or data errors have created values outside of the range normally expected by the software. Check the input data for incorrect values or invalid data sequences, and examine the log file if created for the option in question. If this should fail to highlight a problem, try changing various processing parameters
52 Bad file name or number Filenames must conform to the usual convention; do not use illegal characters such as * ? + < > | [ ] \ / , ; : ” +; may also be caused by incorrect software code
54 Bad file mode An attempt to write to a file has failed, perhaps because of an earlier error
75 Path/file access error A specified path does not exist or a file cannot be opened for output - this may be because a previously created file has since been set to read-only and it can't be over-written or the file has already been opened in a different mode
91 Object variable or With block variable not set This is a simple programming error but we need to know about it - please let us know
94 Invalid use of null An item has a null value, i.e. has not been assigned a valid value - this may be because of invalid data, a required field has been left empty, or a programming fault
3020 Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit Probably the job database has recorded some mis-information about the range of point numbers stored; it will usually be repaired by the Reset (Fix) Bounds option in the View menu
3022 The changes you requested to the table were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the index, primary key, or relationship. Change the data in the field or fields that contain duplicate data, remove the index, or redefine the index to permit duplicate entries and try again As for 3020 - try Reset (Fix) Bounds option in the View menu
3420 Object invalid or no longer set Programming error - please let us know
3343 Unrecognised database format C:\My Documents\...\jobname.gdb The named database file has become corrupt. This error can usually be corrected with the Repair/Compress Job option; use the Repair Library option if the error occurs with the Definitions.gld library database)

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