Reference Bearing Prompts

To commence a radiations or traverse computation, when re-starting in a new traverse section, when computing a forward bearing at any setup, or closing off a traverse onto fixed control points, Geoida will require at least one control point (the current instrument station), and either another control point from which to compute a reference bearing (the 'RO' or backsight/foresight point) or the actual reference bearing. If the named control point is not found in the database, a prompt may be displayed to ask the user to indicate the required action, or the Reference Bearing window may appear immediately without prompting, depending on which Survey menu option is currently-executing.

Figure 1: Prompt for reference bearing or missing control point

More Info:

When Geoida is running, details of the purpose and use of each control in this window will be displayed in the bottom panel when the mouse is passed over any active object.

The Reference Bearing window allows the user to specify how to obtain a reference bearing. The response to this prompt, the type of data being processed, and the actual circumstances of the processing, will determine how the Reference Bearing window is displayed and one or more options may be disabled if not currently applicable. There may be up to three active alternatives …

  1. Enter the details for the missing point and thereby compute the bearing from coordinates. Depending on the setting for Prompt for missing control points in Preferences (see Un-Stored Points), either the Enter Points window (Multiple point entry setting) or the Single Point Entry window will be opened to permit the entry of the required points details; other points may also be entered at this stage if required. Upon exit from the Enter Points window, the reference bearing will be computed and entered into the adjacent field.

  2. Specify a bearing to use - enter the required bearing into the field

  3. Use a back-bearing already specified in the data; the bearing will be displayed in the field. To use a back-bearing already specified in the data for every occasion when an RO does not exist, cross the Don't prompt any more check-box to prevent this window being displayed any more.

Dot the appropriate radio button to select and enter the reference bearing required, or enter the point coordinates if necessary by clicking the Enter details for point xxx button (Computed bearing option), and click the Continue button to continue processing. To abandon processing, click the Abort processing button.

Refer to the section Control points and reference bearings under Survey Options - General Notes topic for more information.

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