Refresh/Review Options


Sometimes, due to the removal of dialog boxes covering part of the display, or the toggling on or off of lines or other entities, parts of the display may be partly obscured. The Refresh option redraws the screen to give a fresh display of all points and lines previously displayed.

The keyboard shortcut for this option is Ctrl + R.

Reset (Fix) Bounds

When data processing options are used to add or compute new points, to re-process existing data, or to delete existing points, Geoida will automatically re-assess the maximum range of point coordinates. However, on rare occasions it may be necessary to execute this option to initiate the re-assessment manually. The need for this might be made apparent when Zoom Bounds does not display the full extent of data known to exist, or if the bounds are apparently too large because Zoom Bounds displays the whole job in only a small portion of the screen, or if errors occur when zooming, panning or re-drawing the screen display.

The keyboard shortcut for this option is Ctrl + E.

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