If Geoida suits your requirements and you wish to continue using it after the evaluation period has expired, you are invited to register.

But BEFORE you register, you must view and read completely the Geoida Licence Agreement - refer to Licence Agreement, or select the Registration option from the Help menu and click the View Licence Agreement button.

If you agree with the terms of the Licence Agreement, complete the registration details in the Geoida Registration window.

Figure 1 - Geoida registration form

More Info:

When Geoida is running, details of the purpose and use of each control in this window will be displayed in the bottom panel when the mouse is passed over any active object.

Some of the information entered such as the Company Name, Address and suggested ID, will be used (modified if required) to create the Licensed User description which is permanently displayed in the licence bar at the bottom of the main Geoida screen and in the About Geoida window.

The Print Registration button will remain disabled until sufficient fields have been filled according to the number of licences required and other necessary details. Complete the form and click Print registration to proceed. The Geoida Licence Agreement will be displayed for confirmation - click Continue to proceed to the print stage. You may print a hard-copy of the form to be mailed or faxed, or create a PDF document to be returned as an email attachment.

Send the Registration Form complete with payment details to Convergent Computations together with your remittance - your Geoida licence file(s) and invoice will be returned to you by email. To activate the licence please refer to the Validate option.

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