Repair Library

On very rare occasions or in unusual circumstances, the library database Definitions.GLD may become corrupted and error messages may be displayed advising the user to repair the database. This can occur if a power failure, power surge, or a system failure causes Geoida to shut down or hang unexpectedly.

If this occurs, it has become necessary to use this option to correct the errors and recover the uncorrupted record data.

This option attempts to validate all system tables and indexes, saves the recoverable record contents to a new file and renames the original database to Definitions.GLD.bak. There must be enough disk space for the copy to be made and the option fails if there is not enough space available. Un-recoverable data is discarded.

After the option has been successfully executed, you can delete the original corrupted database file now named Definitions.GLD.bak if you wish.

There is no user input for this option.

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