Uninstalling Geoida

Installation Log

During the Geoida installation process, the Setup program records details of the procedure in the unins000.dat file and places a copy of the associated uninstall program unins000.exe within the Geoida folder. These files MUST be present if you choose to uninstall the Geoida at any time - NEVER delete or rename them!


If you wish to Uninstall Geoida, use Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel. This will ensure that all Geoida files, folders and other associated components are correctly removed from the hard disk and registry in a controlled manner. See previous paragraph.

Note - The uninstall procedure will not delete files that were created subsequent to the time of installation, such as job database files that were created later by running Geoida. During removal, messages indicating components could not be removed from your computer may appear. This is normal and it is correct to then delete the remnant folders and files manually AFTER Add/Remove Programs has been run.

DO NOT use any other means to uninstall Geoida - to do so may result in only a partial removal and may cause other applications to stop working properly.

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