Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topics are categorised as follows:

Job and Data Configuration:

Changing job's coordinate type
Decimal points won't decrease
Enter latitudes and longitudes
Geoid not interpolated when importing points
Illegal values computing Standard Deviations
Invalid installation
Invalid zone number in Geographic job
List Points won't allow latitudes and longitudes
Longitudes incorrect
Longitudes incorrect after Import
Point falls outside geoid interpolation area
Problems with importing points
Zone number not included in List Points

Display Issues:

Azimuth and distance in Measure option
Crowded east-west point locations
Dialog boxes and windows too big
Geoida very slow loading geoid file
Grid-file geoid boundary is distorted
Latitudes and longitudes in wrong hemispheres
Points cannot be deleted
Points cannot be selected - Measure or Interrogate Point options
Points don't exist
Switching grid/geographic display mode
Zoom Bounds and Reset (Fix) Bounds not working
Zoom Bounds and Reset (Fix) Bounds not working
Zoom Bounds displays grid data in multiple zones incorrectly


Transformation not listed
Convert points between projection types


Least Squares Adjustment - Tips and Suggestions
Illegal Values computing Standard Deviations
Insufficient data in Least Squares adjustment
Least squares won't converge
Least squares adjustment is Rank Deficient
Network of GPS baselines won't converge

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