Crowded east-west point locations
Zoom Bounds displays grid data in multiple zones incorrectly

Question: I've entered a number of points in Point Entry and specified different zone numbers but when displayed, even with Zoom Bounds, all the points are crowded together and not in their correct east-west positions; however, their north-south positions are correct. Why?

Answer: The points are from different zones but the job coordinate type is defined as Grid Projection, thus all are plotted relative to the job's default zone and not in their respective zones. To see them displayed in their correct relative positions, select Plot Geographic in the View menu. Geoida does not display grid coordinates in multiple zones - only the zone set for the job is displayed, and only points falling within the zone or its overlap areas with adjacent zones can be plotted correctly. When points span several zones, the display is best set to geographic. Alternatively, if the data covers only a zone overlap area, use a zone-to-zone transformation to convert all points to just a single zone.

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