Enter latitudes and longitudes

Question: I want to enter some points but I have their details as latitudes and longitudes only, not grid coordinates - is there a way to enter them as lats and longs and have Geoida convert them for me?

Answer: Yes. Points can be entered directly into Geoida as either eastings and northings (using the Enter Points (E/N) option) or as geographic coordinates (using the Enter Points (Lat/Long) option). Additionally, the Import option can read files of latitude/longitude values in several formats - refer to Import for more details. For a small number of points, you could also create the new points with approximate eastings and northings using Digitise Provisional Points and then list them as latitudes and longitudes in List Points. Double-click on each point's latitude or longitude value on its row in the list - this will open the Modify Listed Point dialog box which will display the point as geographic coordinates which may then be edited to the required values.

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