Longitudes incorrect after Import

Question: Import was used to load data into a job with existing points. When all the points are listed in List Points, all eastings and northings are of similar magnitude (which they should be), but if listed as latitudes and longitudes, all new points show incorrect longitudes which are different from those of the original points by several degrees.

Answer: The default Zone number in Import Points may have been incorrect or the data may have specified a zone number different from that specified for the job or for the previously-existing points. If the longitudes are incorrect by an exact multiple of 6 degrees then an incorrect zone number is indicated. To rectify, reload the import file with the correct zone set and overwrite the same points. Alternatively, edit the zone for each point. This problem should not occur if importing points as latitudes and longitudes into a grid projection job because the zone is calculated for the new points (not read from the data or assigned from a default value) and should always be correct.

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