Points cannot be deleted

Question: I am using View -> Delete Window to delete multiple points but there are some points that will not delete. (Job Configuration is set to Grid Projection 'MGA94' and Default TM Zone '52').

Answer: Check the Zone number of the problem points, either by Points -> Interrogate Point or by listing in Points -> List Points / Export. It may be that the zone number has either not been set to a valid value and is zero, it is set to * (a special value to indicate a Project- or Special-Area zone), or it is set to a zone adjacent to the job's Default TM Zone as set in Job Configuration. Any points having an invalid or different zone number will still be plotted within the job's default zone but cannot be deleted by the Delete Window option because their zone numbers do not correspond to the selection window which is drawn relative to the default zone.

If the points were imported from another source, it is possible that their zone number(s) may have been defined in the imported file and have taken precedence over the Import option's Default Zone which is the same as the job's default zone. In this case, or if there is a possibility that the points may be close to a zone boundary, select View -> Display Settings and turn on Zone boundaries to show the location of the zone boundaries. It may be that the points appear to fall within the correct zone but have actually been computed in an adjacent zone and fall within (or beyond!) the zone over-lap area.

If the points have been defined for an adjacent zone, select View -> Display Settings and select Plot Geographic and Zone boundaries to display all points in their correct relative positions and in relation to the zone boundaries. Either edit the points and correct the zone number, or delete individual points using Interrogate Point. Alternatively, change the job's Default TM Zone (in Job Configuration) and try deleting with the View -> Delete Window option; remember to set the job zone back to its original value if necessary.

It may sometimes be necessary to Zoom Bounds to see all the points correctly or if points "disappear" when configuration or display changes are made.

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