Points cannot be selected (Measure or Interrogate Point options)


'Measure' option - When attempting to select points, Geoida does not 'beep' and snap to some points and does not display the Inverse form

'Interrogate Point' option - Geoida will not select certain points

Answer: This will most likely occur near a zone boundary in the zone overlap area. If the job's coordinates are defined as 'Projection' but the current coordinate display is Geographic ('Plot Geographic' option set ON), the coordinates returned from the screen by the cursor are also geographic (latitude and longitude) and these coordinates must be converted back to grid projection coordinates in order to search the job database for the closest point. However if the cursor is clicked over a point displayed (correctly) OUTSIDE the limits of the zone defined for the job, the cursor's computed grid coordinates and zone number will be for the ACTUAL zone (i.e., the zone adjacent to the job zone), and if the point was defined with coordinates for the JOB zone (albeit within the zone overlap area) it will not be located because the cursor's coordinates and zone number are different from those of the point. Therefore to use the Measure option effectively to derive accurate inverse measurements for these situations, it is necessary to revert to displaying grid coordinates by setting 'Plot Geographic' OFF.

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