Zone number not included in List Points

Question: I have a job set as Geographic in Job Configuration. In List Points / Export I can list points with eastings and northings but the Zone number checkbox is disabled and turned off and it does not list the zone number. Since the job spans a zone boundary I need the zone number - why is it disabled and what can I do to get it?

Answer: Go back to Job Configuration and check what Grid Projection is set. Although the job may be set as Geographic it uses the currently-selected projection as a default for the job - it may be that the projection selected is a single-zone special-area Transverse Mercator projection or a different type of projection (such as Lambert's, standard Mercator, or Oblique Mercator) to which a normal Transverse Mercator zone number does not apply.

  1. Temporarily set Coordinate system to Grid Projection
  2. Select an appropriate 'standard' projection
  3. Set the Default TM zone number in the adjacent field to suit the job location
  4. Re-set Coordinate system to Geographic again
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

Now try listing the points again - if the new projection is a standard Transverse Mercator projection that covers multiple zones, the Zone number checkbox should now be enabled and the zone numbers will be listed by default when the Easting, Northing checkbox is crossed.


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