Zoom Bounds and Reset (Fix) Bounds not working

Question: When I do Zoom Bounds all the points in the job are concentrated in a small area in the centre of the screen. Even if I then do Reset (Fix) Bounds followed by Zoom Bounds it doesn't make any change.

Answer: If the job is set as Grid Projection, change the display to Geographic with the option Plot Geographic in the View menu. If the points now spread out horizontally in 2 or more areas of concentration across the screen, the points probably occur in multiple zones and the geographic view correctly represents the relationship between the points. This is NOT an error, it is correct for the data as it exists. If it is not correct for the job and all points should occur in only a single zone, list the points and establish why they occur in different zones. It may be necessary to edit the zone number for the points in error, delete and import the data again with the correct zone number set, etc.

Geoida cannot correctly display points in multiple zones when they are displayed as Grid Projection coordinates, instead all points are displayed as though they occur only in the one zone as defined for the job. To correctly display such points spanning two or more zones they must be displayed as Geographic.

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