Getting Started

Geoida has in-built default settings which may be viewed in the Preferences option in the Definitions menu. These defaults may be changed at any time to values more suitable to your normal requirements. In addition, the Job Configuration Defaults option defines configuration settings that will be used as defaults when creating new jobs; these settings may be changed to suit the current job by editing the job's configuration in Job Configuration.

Data is organised into 'jobs' or projects - all data relating to one job can be accessed only by opening the database for the job-name allocated. In addition to the main job database, Geoida may create a small number of additional files for each job, all of which are named with the name of the job plus a filename extension which indicates the type of file and/or its contents. Refer to Geoida Files for details.

It will normally be necessary to enter control point coordinate data before survey observations can be processed; points details are entered in the Points menu Enter Points option. If the data has been collected digitally, all control points may have already been defined within the collected data and it may therefore be unnecessary to enter them manually except to set them as 'Fixed' in Enter Points.

Once control has been defined, any of the Survey menu options may be executed to process the observations and coordinate points observed. Following processing, any traverse/network reports may be printed, and point and line details may be listed to output file using (eg) the Points menu List Points / Export or Inverse options.

An important major concept to understand is Geoida's Extract files. An Extract file comprises all observations determined to be control survey, traverse or network observations, and may be created by any of the survey reduction options (except Radiations) if control survey traverse or network observations are detected when processing a file or data set. An Extract file is a formatted text file that may be edited to rearrange, modify, delete, insert or combine observations, before final computation and adjustment by the Process Extracted Observations option, thus giving the user much greater control over the processing and adjustment of survey data. Please also refer to Extract file for additional information.

Important - Before commencing processing of data, ensure that the job's configuration details are defined correctly in the Job Configuration option.

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