Student Licence

The Geoida Student licence is a low-cost licence available only to currently-enrolled students of surveying, cartography, GIS, civil engineering, or similar Earth sciences; the single licence fee provides a fully-functional commercial-grade licence for the duration of the course of study up to a maximum of 4 years. During the licence period any available updates may be freely downloaded and installed at no further cost.

The Geoida Help → About Geoida option displays the licence details; Licence Expiry will be shown as the date on which the licence will expire, normally the date by which studies are expected to be completed.

IMPORTANT - To qualify for a Student Licence, proof of current enrolment is required. Please make an initial submission to , Subject 'Student licence application', and attach as proof of your current enrolment a PDF, scanned image or similar copy of the educational institution's official enrolment verification or academic statement showing: (i) student name; (ii) name of course; (iii) level of enrolment and enrolled units; and (iv) expected date of course completion. If a genuine application is made, a 'promo' code will be supplied for entering on the Geoida Registration Form to invoke the student pricing. Attempts to obtain one or more student licences fraudulently or for commercial or other non-student purposes will immediately exclude from further transaction.

It is expected that part-time students or students working during holiday/vacation periods may wish to use their Geoida Student Licence for commercial purposes during the period of their employment. That is NOT PERMITTED - we ask that you respect the generous offer made to you in providing the Geoida licence at a low cost to assist in your education and consider arranging the purchase of a normal commercial Geoida licence by your employer to be used in that manner. Please refer to the Geoida Licence Agreement, in particular clauses 2.2(e) and 2.2(n), for details of your obligations.