Setting Windows System Locale

Non-Western Locales and Character Sets

If the Windows System Locale is set to use a non-western, non-latin character set such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrilic or similar character sets, the current version of Geoida (v5.0.20) and earlier versions will not function correctly. Geoida uses certain ‘extended’ characters internally that are represented differently when System Locale is not set to English but is set for one of these alternative languages.

We are currently working to resolve this issue and will release an update as soon as possible. However you can still install and evaluate Geoida on your system but you must change System Locale to English by following the procedure below.

To check and/or change your 'System Locale' to evaluate Geoida

1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language

2. Click on the Administrative tab and click the Change system locale button:

System Locale

3. Change Current system locale to English (Australia)

Change Locale

4. Click the Restart now button to restart the computer


5. You may now execute Geoida for evaluation.

6. When your evaluation of Geoida is completed for the time being, please reset the System Locale to your local setting for normal use.

7. At a future time you may again reset the locale to English as outlined above and return to Geoida to continue your evaluation within the permitted trial period.

Invalid installation

If you have already installed and executed Geoida with the incorrect locale set and have since completed the procedure above, it should now function correctly but may display:


In this case Geoida can be reset so that you may complete your evaluation of the software - please contact us to request details of the procedure to reset the evaluation period. Note that resetting the Geoida installation to correct the locale can be done once only.

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