Geoida Technical Support Policy

Free technical support is provided for currently-licensed users of Geoida on a part-time basis only, within Western Australian business hours (+8:00 GMT), Monday to Friday except public holidays, for up to 12 months following the purchase, renewal or upgrade of a Geoida licence. Where possible, replies to requests for support will be made within 24 hours of receipt of the request, however delays may be experienced on occasions and should be expected from time to time.

Making contact for support

Normally the user should make request for assistance by email using the Contact Us Message Form on the Geoida website, the Support link shown in the Geoida Help menu About Geoida option, or by submitting an error report as explained further below.

If contact is made by telephone and in-coming calls are unable to be answered immediately, Convergent Computations may choose to make return calls to fixed-phones only (no return calls to mobiles/cell-phones). To be certain of a response, requests for support should be made by email.

If all else fails

Before making contact for technical support, it is recommended that users make first reference to Geoida's extensive and comprehensive built-in Help system, especially under the Menu Options heading where all menu options are explained in full. Items listed in the FAQ documentation will be found to explain and answer many common situations. If Geoida's Instant Help feature is active, most forms will display Instant Help tips in the panel at the foot of the form - in many cases the user will find that this information answers most simple questions.

When an error occurs

If an error situation is encountered while using Geoida, details of the error will normally be displayed in the Geoida has encountered an error window. To enable efficient tracing and diagnosis of the error, it is imperative that the message be submitted to Convergent Computations with a request for assistance by clicking the Send Report button, providing all additional details as requested including explanation of the option and settings in use, and attaching a copy of the Geoida job file (jobname.gdb) and any other supporting files related to the problem encountered (eg data files, screen captures, etc).


Convergent Computations will endeavour to respond to all requests for assistance but reserves the right to refuse requests for support in certain circumstances. For example, unreasonable demands for the level or type of support expected, or the use of abusive or profane language, will not be tolerated and will immediately disqualify a user from receiving further support.

We will always attempt to honour genuine requests for assistance within the parameters stated above, so far as is reasonably and humanly possible.


Convergent Computations Pty Ltd reserves the right to modify this support policy or the practical application of it at any time.