Testimonial statements

"Whelans surveyors have been associated with Geoida since it’s early development and have used this software extensively for the least squares adjustment of survey networks and the reduction and adjustment of total station data.

"Geoida excels in the adjustment and processing of Sokkia SDR33 Traverse and Topo data and is excellent for geoidal calculations, transformations and level network adjustments. We wait with anticipation Geoida’s capacity to combine both terrestrial and GPS observations in network adjustments which will make it an invaluable surveying tool."

Peter Read
Senior Licensed Surveyor
Whelans (WA) Pty Ltd

"I have been using Geoida to carry out Least Squares network adjustments and geodetic calculations for the past couple of years. I have found this to be the most intuitive and easiest to use Least Square adjustment program I have ever used. Geoida is very comprehensive allowing a variety of types of adjustments and calculations as well as readily importing and exporting data. I frequently use Geoida to import data from Civilcad. The support I have received for training issues and software upgrades has been excellent.

"I think Geoida represents extremely good value for money and its one of the most useful surveying programs I’ve ever purchased. I am happy to recommend Geoida to any surveyors who want really useful and user friendly software for adjustments or geodetic calculations."

Mark Anderson
35 Degrees South
Licensed Surveyors
Albany, Western Australia

"At this moment Geoida has been used in three Diploma works at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics. During the exercises, the students can use Geoida in network adjustment purposes. Their experiences are very positive and they very often ask to work their final works in Geoida. We found Geoida to be very useful in network pre-analysis simulation, but we think that the report should be extended with the local measures of reliability too. Network adjustment with minimal trace should be very useful to be included in the future."

Professor Dr. Branko Bozic
Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Faculty of Civil Engineering
University of Belgrade, Serbia