Invalid zone number in Geographic job

Question: When I define a job as Geographic in Job Configuration, I get the message "Invalid zone number !! Must be between 1 and 60 (UTM zone numbers)". But I can't change the Default TM zone number as it is disabled, and why is it necessary for a Geographic job to have a default zone number defined?

Answer: The same message will be shown in a job set to Grid Projection if a 'standard' Transverse Mercator projection has been selected but the Default TM zone number has been left as 0 instead of entering a valid non-zero zone number. This situation could occur if a single-zone special-area projection had previously been selected to which a normal Transverse Mercator zone number does not apply and is consequently set to 0.

In the case of a job set to Geographic, the need for a valid default zone may be a little less obvious because both the Grid Projection drop-down list and the Default TM zone fields are disabled. In this case, the job still uses the currently-selected projection as a default for the job and the Default TM zone number must still be set correctly. For a Geographic job the actual zone number may not immediately be known, however any reasonable non-zero zone number should suffice for the present.

To enter a valid zone number:

  1. Temporarily set Coordinate system to Grid Projection
  2. Select an appropriate default projection
  3. Set the Default TM zone number in the adjacent field to suit the job location
  4. Re-set Coordinate system to Geographic again
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

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